Our Organization

WONIPA stands for the Worldwide Nitrocellulose Producers Association and it represents a group of leading global manufacturers of industrial nitrocellulose.
WONIPA is an international non-profit
association registered in Zurich, Switzerland.

Our Mission

The advancement of the nitrocellulose industry throughout the world whilst promoting responsible care with particular regard to product stewardship to minimize product related risks to health, safety and the environment.

Matters managed by WONIPA

WONIPA has an excellent working relationship with the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC), to ensure that it has an early understanding of any new chemical legislation proposed by the EU commission and the EU parliament. In 2015 WONIPA achieved a separate class for desensitized explosives in UN GHS rev 6.

A further achievement was the acceptance by the UN that nitrocellulose stability testing shall meet the criteria of the Bergmann-Junk or methyl violet tests. These tests have been published in the 7th revised edition of the UN manual of tests and criteria in late 2019.

WONIPA is currently managing the implementation of the new European labels and safety data sheets in compliance with UN GHS rev 6 and rev 7.